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The new film from from award-winning filmmaker


"Healing From Hate"

"Requiem for the American Dream ft. Noam Chomsky"

"Devil Put the Coal in the Ground"

“I can't stress this enough, this film is something special and is not something you have ever experienced before. This film will move of the best I’ve seen in 2023.”

- Steve Kopian, Unseen Films

"A beautifully shot, well-directed film that... holds a substantial level of importance, not only about our past but our future. 4 1/2 Stars. "

- Chris Jones, Overly Honest Movie Reviews.


"It’s documentaries like this one that must keep the memory

of the horrors of genocide over ideology alive today,

or dare we repeat the past."

-Alan Ng, Film Threat

A riveting and deeply important film"

- Kathryn Spitz Cohan, Film Pittsburgh


In the Jewish tradition, tshuvah means “return”, and describes the return to God and our fellow human beings that is made possible through repentance for our wrongs.

Tony McAleer is a former Skinhead and Holocaust denier who went on to become a founding member of the anti-hate activist group Life After Hate. Profoundly aware and deeply ashamed of the lineage of hate he’d once promoted, Tony had long-contemplated traveling to Auschwitz in the spirit of tshuvah - to bear witness to the inconceivable ravages of the Holocaust, and deepen his personal work against the rise of extremist politics.


This project documents his profoundly personal journey of atonement to Auschwitz/Birkenau - exploring the conditions that allowed for the rise of fascism in 1930s Europe; shedding a unique light upon how men get into, and out of, violent extremist groups; and serving as a cautionary tale for our time that underscores the dangers in allowing hate to be left unchecked.

Holocaust Is Fading From Memory

Survey finds 66% of millennials "cannot say what Auschwitz was"

Tony & the project were recently featured on NY1 with Josh Robin  


Accolades for the book

"A must-read for anyone trying to understand how people enter and exit hate and extremist movements. It is inspiring to know that there is hope."
- Humera Khan, US Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council

"This powerful and persuasive memoir should be required reading for anyone wanting to break from a violent extremist ideology, for anyone anxious that a loved one is being conditioned by such belief systems, and for all of us who simply want to understand why hurt people hurt people. This is pure restorative narrative - a true story of transforming hate and bigotry into one of hope and meaning."
- Marina Cantacuzino, Founder, the Forgiveness Project
Praise for the award-winning Documentary Film

"A well-filmed, no-holds-barred, raw masterpiece defining the causes and solutions for America's ugliest disease: racism. A must-see for both victims and perpetrators of hate."
-  Daryl Davis ("Accidental Courtesy")

Thoughtful & compelling… a powerful case for compassion & empathy” - Common Sense Media

"A hopeful expression of how hate does not need to be the end of the road" - CBS News

"Powerful & risky documentary that looks at racism in America... and how to enact change." – AIPT
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